The Daily Bulletin

Term 3

Welcome students!

Please have a look at the following links that will help get you started with Grade 7 and 8 Applied Technology and Wood Working.

Safety is explained on the following page in more detail. Please follow the link here for more details.

Grade 8 creations: 

Lots of amazing creations being turned out by our Grade 8 wood workers. It’s is always a great opportunity to see students working so well on their projects with such creativity and passion!


Grade 7

On February 14th, a group of students from Term 2 achieved supersonic flight using their scratch build model rocket. Employing an AeroTech G80-10T blue thunder mid performance rocket motor, these students achieved an altitude of 1.68 km (5511 feet) or 1 Mile AGL. That is just under 600 feet below the National altitude record! Our top speed was recorded at 1486.7 km/h or Mach 1.21 (supersonic velocity).

While the rocket did not escape unscathed, it it manage to land 90 meters from the launch pad, folded nicely in two from the stresses caused during flight minus 2 fins. All data was recorded on the PerfectFlite Pnut altimeter.