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A new school year is upon us… and it will be AMAZING!


October Skies Project.

A minimum diameter – supersonic – student built rocket challenge!

We have successfully launched our first 4 rockets of the term. However, we have 11 more to go! Below are a few snap shots of the rockets being launched at the Allandale quarry area. Our top speed came in at 1695.7 km/h or 471 meters per second. The maximum altitude came in at 1592.5 meters (1.59 km) peak altitude on the G80NT-14A with the delay set at 12 seconds. Most of these rockets were pulling between 32 – 38 G’s of acceleration which is considerable.



Course Information for the upcoming school year is posted below.


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Here is a recap of Grade 8 student projects from the 2017-2018 school year: