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A new school year is upon us…

With the new school year set to open in September 2018; there will be numerous changes  to the operations and projects offered at Dunsmuir Middle School Applied Technology/Shop program.  As of September the following upgrades & changes will be in place for students:

  • 3D printers for Applied Design and Technology 
  • OpenRocket software for the design of APCP competition style model rockets
  • computer technology to assist with design 
  • new high power 20 HP industrial shop air filtration system w/ HEPA filtration
  • upgraded PPE for shop students
  • brand new bandsaws and upgraded scroll saws  
  • a robotics club plus opportunities for competition
  • a dedicated shop projects/events YouTube channel for staff/students
  • in district and out of district shop related experiences Yes2It, ITA, Skills Canada
  • October Skies – rocketry competition with local schools (private/public) hosted at Allandale Colwood quarry site with possible press coverage 
  • cross-curricular shop projects that engage and create new possibilities for student exploration
  • the addition of Grade 6 students to our Applied Skills rotation 

Prepare for excitement! 

Check out UVic’s rocketry team in action in this new GoPro sponsored video below!


Course Information for the upcoming school year is posted below.

Gallery link: 

Here is a recap of Grade 8 student projects from the 2017-2018 school year: