The Daily Bulletin

Rocketry for Term 2 – The journey begins in early 2019

Our February rocketry event has been made official and it will be the largest event ever for our school. We will be launching with Brooke IB World School on Febuaury 19th (11:40am until 1:10pm). We will have VIPs from various media outlets, Makespace Victoria, UVic and Canadian/Tripoli Rocketry Associations.

Rocketry designs have now been submitted.

  • All rocketry building materials have now arrived via Canada Post. 
  • All APCP rocket propellant will be shipped in late January via CANPAR

Grade 7 student:  all rocketry theory and building tutorials can be found here. 

Grade 8 supplies have now arrived. This includes premium quality hardwoods, glue, Epoxies, Pigments, Wood bleaching agents and fillers.

Course Information for the upcoming school year is posted below.