2016-2017 Gallery


Grade 8 Term 3 – Woodworking 

Grade 8 Term 2 – Wood Working 


Grade 8 Term 1 – Wood Working – 

\Western maple, Eastern maple, Peruvian walnut, Paduk, African Mahogany and Birch 

Grade 7’s  – Aerodynamics and flight unit. We’re building rockets and flying them to new heights!

Term 2

A highlight reel of our rocketry can be seen below. This term we were able to match our speed record of sonic flight on three more rockets. In addition we were able to get some great views from the RC RunCam II.


Term 1

We have achieved sonic flight this term. In late November, we launched a mid power rocket that achieved 362 m/sec or 1303.2 km/h. It travelled fast enough to fold the airframe in half from the forces involved. We hope to break this speed record in Term 2. 


Grade 6 – Basic Woodwork  – Term 3

Students in Term 3 worked extremely hard on cutting boards using some highly prized hardwoods. These students have amazing ideas and they were extremely passionate learners! Outstanding!

Grade 6’s – Strength and Structures – Term 1 & 2

These students are engaged in wooden bridge construction. Thanks to a local Dollar store for the cheaply priced Epoxy Resin! It has been an amazing transformative project that has challenged these students to think outside the box.

Lot’s of cross-curricular inquiry -based learning taking place!

Next, we will test the structural limits on these bridges and see if they’ll hold up.