Adv. TechEd 7

Welcome back returning Grade 7 students!

I built this page so that you can get some ideas on more advanced, personalized projects.

Below are some video resources and links to design PDF’s that will help you get started on your design ideas.


Long Boards: 

Minimum diameter (29mm) rocket. 

The goal of this project is to achieve sonic flight (mach 1+) and high altitude (1 km – 1.5 km) on a single high impulse AeroTech G motor. In order to do this project there are some things to consider before getting into the building phase.

  1. Your rocket body must be light weight ~ 50-75 grams and 30-35 inches tall and BT55 tube diameter with a 29mm motor insert.
  2. Fins must be made from reenforce Balsa-wood and designed in a swept format. These fins must also be papered to increase strength. I highly recommend 4 fins for a fast, stable flight.
  3. All tube surfaces must be sanded with 220 grit sandpaper to remove the wax on the tubes.
  4. Fins must be CA glued first and then a thin coat of epoxy must be applied to the fins in the form of fillets. This will prevent the fins from cracking due to the extreme forces during acceleration. (30-50G’s)
  5. I will only recommend using a streamer for recovery as the upper atmospheric winds will blow parachute-recovery far off course.