Course Outline (Applied Skills & Technology)

Here is the course outline for Grade 7 and 8 shop classes. Remember that elective classes at Dunsmuir Middle School are broken down into three short rotations. Many of the project offered will have options of further exploration attached and more projects that could be done on an individual basis. I will also be updating a list of projects for every new rotation. However, I will do my very best to ensure that students get to do both group and individually based projects. Time is short so I do expect that students maximize their time in class.

Timeline for Dunsmuir’s elective rotation.

  • Term 1   Sept 6 ~ Nov.24
  • Term 2   Nov.28 ~ March 10
  • Term 3   March 13 ~ June 23

I will also upon request have the shop open during the lunch hour and will be supervising students during that time as well.

Below is a comprehensive course outline should you need further information. Click below to view the print ready PDF document.

  1. Applied Skills and Technology 7-8 outline
  2. Project Fee (Grade 7-8)


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