Project II: Crystal Growing


For this project we will be looking at ways to create spectacular crystals in a variety of colours employing several unique chemical formulas. Using our core knowledge of chemical reactions and compounds, we will start a very unique and creative process. However, as we will be handling chemicals, we will need to take some precautions and make sure we are wearing gloves and protective eyewear. Once these crystals have been fully formed we will be coating them with clear epoxy to prevent them from losing water, physical shock and direct contact with the skin. I’ve also had a chance to test each chemical formula out and I can confirm that they all work extremely well! Below is the crystal growing “string” method for Copper Sulphate. However, this method will work with all of the chemical formulas listed below and here are a few ways of growing seed crystals.


crystals_copper_en_iks_web   direct


  1. Violet Chrome Alum (octohedron)


  • 100 grams of Potassium Aluminum Sulphate KAl(SO4)2·12H2O – Chemical information MSDS
  • 12 grams of Potassium Chromium Sulphate  KCr(SO4)2  – Chemical information MSDS
  • 400 mL of boiling water


       2. Red Cobalt







  • 93 grams of Cobalt Sulphate CoSO4• 7H2O – chemical information MSDS
  • 43.5 grams of Ammonium Sulphate  (NH4)2SO4 – chemical information MSDS
  • 400 mL of boiling water


3. Deep Blue Copper 


  • 130 grams of Copper Sulphate CuSO4•5H2O – chemical information MSDS
  • 400 mL of boiling water