Week 1-2 (Sept 6 – 13)


Friday, September 16th

Applied Tech 6-1 – Today you will start your bridge construction. Remember the safety discussion about CA adhesive and Epoxy Resin – wear your eye protection and gloves!

Woodshop 8-2 – We are training on the bandsaw today. You must have your safety sheet filled out in full and submitted. Then you may go onto the planning phase of your bowl/plate and /or box project.

Science 7 – Phases of Matter & Chemistry in Action ~ a series of experiments designed to spark interest and challenge the understanding of Science. We are focused on describing what we observe and then diving deeper into why these events occur.

>>First demonstration: What is plasma and why is it considered a unique phase of matter? Discuss three natural or artificially created events that produce plasma.
>>Second demonstration: What is Chemiluminescence and where might we see this process occurring in nature?
>>Third demonstration: Describe the reaction between sugar and concentrated Sulphuric Acid. What did you observe during the reaction? What product was left behind after the reaction was complete?
>>Forth demonstration: Some elements can be found in nature only with very special equipment. What is the primary element in these ore samples that gives off radioactivity? What is the primary use of this radioactive element in Industry?




Thursday, September 15th

Applied Tech 6-2 You will continue with the bridge building from yesterday. Your design must be chosen and you must have your team name identified. Click here for the Wooden Bridge Challenge PDF document

Applied Tech 7 – We are continuing with the CO2 car designs. Most of you will have your drawings completed and will be ready for cutting your wooden forms, boring the CO2 cylinder holes and cutting the designs.

Applied Tech 6-1 Today you will start your bridge construction designs/ make teams and brainstorm. Click here for the Wooden Bridge Challenge PDF document

Science 7 We are continuing with the Egg drop project. Remember, all Egg drop projects will be put to the final test on Friday during the last block.

Woodshop 8-1  – We are training on the bandsaw today. If time permits, you will be able to go back and continue with your sketch of your bowl and source your materials for the project. Remember to have your safety sheet for the bandsaw completed by the end of class for collection.


Wednesday, September 14th 

Woodshop 8-2  – We will be working further on the bowl/plate and box design if time permits. First I will be having all students work on the radial arm saw today for safety training. Then we will move onto the band saw. Please complete the safety form in the handout package.

Applied Tech 6-2 – Today we will be working on the scale design for your bridge. You will be getting into teams that will work with you for the next few weeks.

Applied Tech 7 – CO2 car designing starts today.


Tuesday, September 13th


Science 7 – We are moving our class from the portables to the woodshop for construction of the egg drop challenge. Remember to bring your pencils and pens to document your construction process. Blog about your experience on the word-press website.

Applied Tech 6-1  – We will be moving onto the main project on bridge construction, today after a debriefing about safety in the shop. We have a very large class and safety is critical.

Clean up is everyone’s responsibility. 

Woodshop 8-1 – We will be working further on the bowl/plate and box design if time permits. First I will be having all students work on the radial arm saw today for safety training. Then we will move onto the band saw. Please complete the safety form in the handout package.


Monday, September 12th

The shop is now open every day at lunch.


Woodshop 8-1, 8-2 – We will be doing demonstrations for the bowl/ plate creation process. As well, we will be receiving direction on project #2 which is the box project. I realize that this is a lot of information all at once, but I’d rather give you a chance to see the process first and then, as time permits, have everyone work on the equipment as a safety training piece. We are using western maple, black walnut, oak and purple heart for the bowls/plates. None of this hardwood is cheap! However, I’d like to have everyone work on a quality project that looks great and will last a very long time. These projects will sure look great sanded and waxed! these bowls and plates will last a very long time when they are completed and bees wax is applied.  I am also creating an electronic Woodshop project book collection for your references via Google classroom, so please sign up to receive your free copy. FYI – It will take a few days to get these project books in digital format.

Applied Tech 7 – You are training on the mitre saw and the bandsaw today. We will be starting the main project of CO2 powered dragsters and having a look at basic aerodynamics over the next few days. This concept of aerodynamics will be critical for our next project as you will be working with supersonic airflow. Fun, eh!

Applied Tech 6-2 – Today everyone will be finishing off the safety maps as we didn’t get time last class to finish. Once completed by next class, we will be moving on to our first big challenge project – a bridge building competition. 

Thursday, September 8th

Science 7


Today is our first day together!

We will be going over our course outline, watch a brief introductory video with a slide presentation on Science topics – covering scope and sequence. Then if time permits, we will get into teams for our group Engineering project. I do expect this challenge to last a few days!

All of the content for today can be downloaded below.

  1. Science 7 – Course Outline (PDF)

  2. Scientific Method Outline (PDF)

  3. Notebook organization outline (answering questions/notes)

  4. Egg Drop Challenge (PDF)


Wednesday, September 7th-8th

Applied Tech 6 , 7 and Woodshop 8 

Welcome back, everyone! I have provided everyone in the workshop a dark blue or black pocket folder. You will need to use a white label put your full name on your pocket folder before you leave today. We will store these folders in the class and update these as we go along.

On your desk you will have the following handouts:

  1. 2016-2017 course outline w/ detailed rubrics (click here to download)

  2. Project Fee Outline (click here to download)

  3. Shop safety sheets  

  4. Tool identification package

Today, Grade 8-2, 6-2 and 7-2 meet for the first time for the 2016-2017 school year.

We will be going over workshop expectations, scope and sequence for projects. If time permits, we will tour the shop which has changed since last year. It is my hope to have safety demonstrations completed by Tuesday, September 13th and all students working by Friday, September 16th.  Please remember that all safety sheets relating to the Mitre Saw, Band Saw, Jointer, Planer and Router must be completed in full before they can be used. I also expect that you will have the opportunity to use the tool in my presence before you can go solo. 

Shop Drop-In Sessions:  I must be present if anyone is to be in the shop classroom. It is a matter of liability in an Industrial setting. If you are trained on the machines and I have your safety sheet filled out, then you may use the shop equipment. Visitors are not permitted to operate shop equipment under any circumstances.

Upcoming Events 

Roc-tober – Autumn Rocket Festival: Rocketry at the Allandale Gravel Pit from mid-October to late November. We will be attempting to break the speed of sound while beating the previous altitude records set last year of 992.5 meters, set by the Silver Arrow, powered by an AeroTech G80NT motor! Our airspeed according to the Jolly Logic Altimeter II was pinned at 348.5 m/sec (peak airspeed). Unfortunately, we had many rockets that could not be launched in late April due to an early fire season. The fall season should be a perfect opportunity for our launch – weather permitting of course!

Yes2It Royal Bay Event. Grade 8’s have an opportunity to experience the trades in Spring 2017. More information coming.  Stay tuned! 

Yes2It Camosun College Event. The Grade 6’s have an opportunity to experience the trades in Spring 2017. I will post more information as it becomes available. Stay tuned!