Week 3-4 (Jan.3 – 13)

Thursday, January 12th:

  • Applied Technology 6 – As you are building your bridges, please take a moment to consider these sample videos below.

  • Applied Technology 7 –More work on building the large scale rockets. Sanding the epoxy on the fins is critical. Use 220 grit. Once this step is complete, you can coat the rocket tube in red iron oxide shop primer. This process will take 2 coats and sanding with 220 grit is required between coats.
  • Please take a fin design guide from Apogee Rocketry – this will help those designing their fins today! Read the information – plan out your designs first and then cut your fins to size using the scroll saw.

  • Science 7 – Please log into your Google Classroom to see the latest work required. It is very important to make sure that you and your team have selected your topic for your  Science Fair. You must also plan out how you will present your information. Today, you and your team will select your topic question and clearly identify how you will physically showcase your project. LOT’s OF RESEARCH AHEAD…but it should be enjoyable!
  • Wood Working 8  – We are continuing with bowls and passive audio amplifiers today. Those who are working on the lathes – please continue to work. Go slow on our only operational bandsaw which will be functional in the next few days.

Wednesday, January 11th:

  • Woodworking 8 – We will be continuing with the bowls, passive audio amplifiers and boxes. Remember to cut only the stock that you need to help minimize waste.
  • Applied Technology 6 – We are continuing to build the wooden stir stick bridges – we need to work on making those supports. All students need to be involved in the process of construction!
  • Applied Technology 7 – We are working on the both group and individual rockets.The sanding of the airframe tubes is critical and using 220 grit sand paper will be required. Then we will apply epoxy to the airframes of those rockets with light and narrow airframes.


Tuesday, January 10th:

  • Applied Technology 6 – We are continuing with the bridges.
  • Science 7 – We are working the outline for the Science Fair set on March 7th

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford from Nigel Stanford on Vimeo.

  • Woodworking 8 – Bowls, boxes and passive audio amplifiers are being built.