Week 7 (Oct.17-20)

Thursday, Oct. 20th

Applied Technology 6-1, 6-2

Bridges need more work. I see lots of good progress, but more time focusing on the plans are needed. We are going to have more time for construction.

Applied Technology 7

We are moving onto the rocket project. We have two big kits and another two more coming   for the 24th.

Science 7

Showtime! It’s now time to show off your presentations! Rubrics will be handed out for student evaluations.

Woodworking 8-1

We are working on bowls and other projects. I need to see more time being into the design and planning stages. I expect that students are able to plan and cut wood for their projects.

The gum-ball machine is yet another project that could be a fantastic edition to your collection.

Wednesday, Oct. 19

Woodshop 8-2

Please continue with your projects. All 4 lathes are working! We will be working on a 15 minute rotation.

Applied Technology 6-2

We are continuing on with the wooden bridges. Lot’s of work is still needed.

Applied Technology 7

It’s time for rocket building. Let’s get started on the big builds and for those without a group, you will start on your high flying, individually created rocket. We also have to prep a very tall rocket – the 7ft tall Mirage – for flight in the next few weeks.


Tuesday, Oct. 18

Science 7 

It’s showtime! Presentations are being presented today and Thursday.

Applied Technology 6-1

We are continuing on with the wooden bridges. Lot’s of work is still needed. However, let’s have a look at some teams that are nearing completion. Check out the pictures below!

Woodshop 8-1

Let’s get that lathe work done! We are starting with a 15 minute rotation today on the lathes.

Have a look at some of these amazing bowl projects!

Monday, Oct. 17

Applied Technology 7

We are starting the rocketry unit today. Some students will be finishing off the CO2 cars.

Applied Technology 6-2

We are continuing on with the wooden bridges. Lot’s of work is still needed and very few students are taking advantage of the open lunch hour times.

Woodshop 8-1, 8-2

Clean up is critical and needs a lot of work! Also, we have 4 lathes now up and running 100% – so my expectation is that you (the student) can use your lunch hours (if needed) to complete any remaining projects. You have exactly 1 month as of Friday to complete your projects. It’s time to put your best foot forward. Do not procrastinate! Do your best! I will also do my best to help you! However, as you are 30 students large and I am a teacher – I cannot promise I will get to everyone. I will do my best, however!